Title: Plaque at Tombstone High School history museum
Description: This plaque tells about the museum at Tombstone High School. It is located in the new high school library and houses various historical artifacts from the school.

The original Tombstone High School was constructed in 1922 and was open until 2006, when the school moved. Under the leadership of teacher Mary Perez, a museum of items, in which this is housed, was created to preserve the history of the old building.
Creator: Perez, Mary
Temporal coverage: 1920s (1920-1929), 1930s (1930-1939), 1940s (1940-1949), 1950s (1950-1959), 1960s (1960-1969), 1970s (1970-1979), 1980s (1980-1989), 1990s (1990-1999), 2000s (2000-2009), 2010s (2010-2019)
State: Arizona
County: Cochise County
Locality: Tombstone
Rights statement: Copyright, Tombstone Unified School District.